Aykut Ozturk

On April 3rd, 2018 the Armenian National Academy of Sciences hosted an international conference organised by me and my colleagues at my host organisation, namely the Department of Diaspora Studies of the Institute of Ethnography and Archeology.

In the event, 5 academics including me presented papers on different diasporic formations and experiences. Ruben Karapetyan, the head of the Diaspora Studies Department, kicked off the conference with his welcome remarks. I myself delivered a theoretical and research-based introduction to tackle with the diverse meanings of diasporas and the people who consider themselves diasporics. Other speakers included Hrag Papazian (Oxford), Khoren Grigoryan (NAS /RA), Arsen Hakobyan (NAS/ RA) and Zoe Goodman (SOAS). Siranush Dvoyan (AUA) contributed to the conference with her keynote speech on the representation of loss in French-Armenian Literature.

An online article on the conference by Sofia Manukyan can be found here: https://armenianweekly.com/2018/04/11/diversifying-the-definition-of-diaspora/