The Hrant Dink Foundation, in partnership with Gyumri Youth Initiative Centre, continues to increase direct contacts and to promote cooperation between the peoples of the two neighbouring countries. Thanks to the support of the UK Government’s Conflict, Stability and Security Fund, in 2017-2019, within the framework of the Beyond Borders programme, Turkey Armenia Travel Grant will be supporting the cross-border mobility of 150 individuals who are willing to visit the neighbouring country for a specific purpose by covering the round-trip transportation costs.

You can learn more about the cultures next to you, discover new opportunities of cooperation in the field of your own profession and feel the enthusiasm of going beyond the borders. Since its launch in April 2014 by the Hrant Dink Foundation, a total of 590 individuals have benefited from the Travel Grant. Amongst them are music bands, students of architecture, international relations and political sciences, filmmakers, photographers, musicians, researchers, experts of gastronomy, volunteers of CSOs, activists and individuals with various interests and professions from several different cities who have visited the neighbouring country with the support of the Travel Grant.

Please read Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant Regulation before applying. In order to reach the impressions and experiences of the previous Travel Grantees, you can check our People Beyond Borders web page. For further questions, please contact us 

‘Can I apply for the Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant, as well?’

The applications for Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant is open for everyone, who wants to visit the neighbouring country with the purpose of enhancing the dialogue and cooperation. The Travel Grant will support various activities such as partnership building and networking, feasibility visits, cross-border cooperation projects, project preparation meetings, exchange programmes, education and language-learning, academic cooperation, research and dissertation, volunteering in civil society organisations, joint productions in culture and arts, organisation of or participation in meetings, panels, seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, concerts and similar events related to the above-mentioned thematic fields.