Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant 8th Round Results

Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant continues to increase direct contacts and to promote cooperation between the peoples of the two neighbouring countries.

In the eighth round of the Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant, we received a total of 84 applications from both countries. We are delighted to announce that in this round, the Hrant Dink Foundation will be offering support in the form of a travel grant to a total of 40 individuals – 29 from Turkey, 11 from Armenia – for their visits to the neighbouring country with specific purpose and programme.

You can follow experiences and impressions of Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant beneficiaries through the Turkey-Armenia Beyond Borders website.

Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant 8th Round Grantees

Ecem Sarıçayır from Istanbul, teaching and research Assistant at Kadir Has University, will be supported with the travel grant to visit Yerevan, for doing research about her master thesis ‘Borderscapes and Architecture’.

Ahsen Eravcı, Batuhan Kava, Fatma Murat, Furkan Demirbaş, Hale Kaşka, Melike Bilgin, Nur Cansu sahibinden, Özge Kaya, Rabia Kutlu and Selen Duruşkan from Istanbul , members of the Boğaziçi University Center for European Studies Student Forum (CESSF) , will be supported with the travel grant to visit Yerevan , for making research on Syrian Armenians and doing interviews about their stories of migration.

Anahit Hayrapetyan from Abovyan and Nazik Armenakyan from Yerevan, members of 4Plus Documentary Photography Center, will be supported with the travel grant to visit Diyarbakır, for taking part in the Diyarbakır International Photography Days.

Elif Yağmur Turan from Uşak, nominated by United World College Turkish National Committee, will be supported by the travel grant to study at UWC Dilijan College during her Second Semester, Spring 2017.

Miqayel Voskanyan, Gurgen Ghazaryan, Movses Ghazaryan, Arman Peshtmaljyan and Davit Melkonyan from Yerevan, members of the music band Miqayel Voskanyan & Friends, will be supported with the travel grant to perform at ‘A Corner In the World Festival’ in Istanbul.

Sabri Umut Bozyıl from Istanbul, will be supported with the travel grant to visit the border village Bagaran, for meeting with villagers and making contacts to find the cast for his fiction movie taking place in Bagaran village.

Mehmet Akar from Izmir, will be supported with the travel grant to visit Yerevan, to interview representatives of civil society organisations as part of the research for his thesis about the role of civil society in Armenia-Turkey relations.

Serdar Güneri from Istanbul, Secretary General of AFS Volunteers Association, will be supported with the travel grant to visit Gyumri “Youth Initiative Center” NGO, for meeting youth organisations to discuss the development of exchange programmes between the young people of Armenia and Turkey.

Andranik Israyelyan from Yerevan, will be supported with the travel grant to visit Istanbul and Ankara, for making interviews with academics, researchers, bureaucrats and journalists for his PhD thesis on Armenian-Turkey normalization process with “Football diplomacy”.

Şant Zincir from Istanbul, board member of the Association of Architects and Engineers (HAYCAR), will be supported with the travel grant to visit Yerevan, to meet engineers and architects and to develop new partnerships.

Anna Vardanyan, Anahit Davidyants, Gohar Hakobyan and Lusine Nazaryan from Yerevan, working for Sputnik Armenia International, Veradardz Foundation, Aravot Magazine and Public Radio of Armenia, will be supported with the travel grant to visit Istanbul, for covering the medal awarding ceremony for Sevan Nişanyan initiated by the Veradardz Foundation.

Gizem Özgüven from Istanbul, member of Kalem Literary Agency, will be supported with the travel grant to visit Yerevan, to meet publishers and explore possibilities for further cooperation among publishers from Turkey and Armenia.

Fatma Yılmaz from Istanbul, coordinator at Istanbul Tanpınar Literature Festival (ITEF), will be supported with the travel grant to visit Yerevan, for meeting literary agencies and publishing houses to introduce Turkish literature and ITEF events.

Cem Koray Sezer, Esra Kuzucu, Sevda Baysal and Tanyel Süzer from Antalya, will be supported with the travel grant to visit Gyumri and Yerevan, to meet civil society organisations working on girls’ empowerment and youth, to exchange know-how, and to discuss the development of joint empowerment programmes.

Güneş Ünal from Istanbul, student of urban planning and architecture department at Istanbul Technical University, will be supported with the travel grant to visit Yerevan and other sites in Armenia, for her research on the Armenian architecture and to make contacts for possible cooperation in joint cultural heritage protection.

İhsan Karayazı and Gamze İnceli İpek from Istanbul, members of Kars Urban and Culture Research Association, will be supported with the travel grant to visit to Gyumri, Yerevan and Dilijan, for meeting restaurant owners and chefs, and for organising a joint culinary workshop on common gastronomy heritage with chefs from Turkey and Armenia.

Aylin Cilasın and Mustafa Emir Cilasın from Çanakkale, members of the Çanakkale Koza Youth Association, will be supported with the travel grant to visit ABCD Innovation Center in Yerevan, to strengthen their existing cooperation and to plan future projects together.

Stepan Epremyan from Diyarbakır, will be supported with the travel grant to visit Yerevan, to conduct research about Armenian traditional liturgics and folk music.

Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant is waiting for your applications!

Between July 2016 to July 2017, thanks to the European Union funding Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant will continue to support at least 180 individuals and non-profit civic initiatives from Armenia and Turkey to travel to the neighboring country for their activities and studies in various thematic fields, by covering their international and domestic travel costs.

Next Deadline for Applications: 24 November 2016

Please read the Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant Regulations before submitting your application.

Click here to fill in the application form for the Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant.

For you questions, you can contact the project coordinators Anna Yeghoyan, Armenuhi Nikoghosyan and Nazlı Türker through travelgrant@hrantdink.org

Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant Selection Committee Members

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In 2016-2017, Hrant Dink Foundation will administer the Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant with the financial assistance of the European Union within the framework of the programme Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalisation Process – Stage II in collaboration with the Eurasia Partnership Foundation (EPF) and Gyumri “Youth Initiative Centre” NGO (YIC) in Armenia.