Cansu Atılgan

“Our expectations about our visit before the travel were very mixed. Because this was our very first travel to Armenia, to Caucasus. In fact, some of us were on an airplane for the first time. It means, we had different emotions. Besides we were very excited when we took off to Yerevan. We realised by the end of the travel that we fulfilled our expectations, aims and targets. We had a chance to know a country which is close to us. Different culture, people and society. We are very happy, because we transferred our excitement to our locality. Now, there are many young people who will apply to the Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant.”

Merve Clean

“The Travel Grant is the most intelligent and successful project to contribute to the normalisation process. It is impossible to solve problems between the two countries if they don’t know each other. Travel Grant helped us to get to know Armenia closely. We met people, cultures and traditions. We drew a new picture of Armenia in our minds.”

Resembling the Salih Torah

“It was an unbelievable experience to get to know a faraway city so close to us; Yerevan. If someone talks about the relations between both countries, one has to visit this city.”