Travel Grant

The Hrant Dink Foundation launches the Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant with a view to increase direct contacts and to promote cooperation between the peoples of the two neighbouring countries.

Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant aims to support the travels of 200 individuals within a period of 16 months thanks to the financial assistance of the European Union. Hrant Dink Foundation will administer the Travel Grant in partnership with the Civilitas Foundation in Armenia and with the support of Community Volunteers Foundation (TOG) based in Turkey and the Youth Initiative Center (YIC) based in Gyumri, Armenia.

Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant was designed as a pool to encourage non-profit civic initiatives and individuals including youth, university students, university clubs, civil society organisations, professional organisations, local youth initiatives, high school students and teachers, academics and researchers, journalists, sports clubs, businesses and local authorities, to travel to the neighbouring country for specific goals. Through the Travel Grant, the Foundation aims to contribute to joint initiatives between the two countries in various thematic fields such as youth and volunteering, human rights and democracy, education, environment, history, culture and arts, development, sports, regional cooperation and European integration.

The Travel Grant will support various activities such as partnership building and networking, feasibility visits, cross-border cooperation projects, project preparation meetings, exchange programmes, education and language-learning, academic cooperation, research and dissertation, volunteering in civil society organisations, joint productions in culture and arts, organisation of or participation in meetings, panels, seminars, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, concerts and similar events related to the above-mentioned thematic fields.

Citizens of Turkey and Armenia, individuals legally residing in Turkey and Armenia, non-profit groups, initiatives and organisations based or registered in Turkey and Armenia will be able to benefit from the Travel Grant as beneficiaries. After their visits, Travel Grant beneficiaries’ experiences and impressions about the neighbouring country will be shared.

Travel Grant will be open to applications at all times. People can fill in the form and submit their applications at any time. However, the Selection Committee will decide on the beneficiaries in line with the below selection timeline.


Selection Timeline

Deadline for
Selection Committee
Announcement of
Selection Targets
 24 March 2014  31 March 2014  4 April 2014 25 from Turkey,
15 from Armenia
 15 June 2014  25 June 2014  30 June 2014 25 from Turkey,
15 from Armenia
 15 September 2014  25 September 2014  30 September 2014 25 from Turkey,
15 from Armenia
 15 December 2014  25 December 2014  31 December 2014 25 from Turkey,
15 from Armenia
 1 March 2015  10 March 2015  15 March 2015 25 from Turkey,
15 from Armenia


The application form for the Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant is available on:

Before filling in and submitting your application, please read the Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant Regulations, which includes the priorities and eligibility criteria.

Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant Selection Committee Members
Anahit Minassian
Dikran Altun
Feray Salman
Gayane Mkrtchyan
Neslihan Özgüneş