Islamized Armenians;

Nurcan Türkay, Semiha Demir, Nimetullah Yürek, Seda Seve and Zelal Erdemci from Diyarbakır, graduates of the Armenian language course offered by Diyarbakır Sur District Municipality and the Surp Giragos Armenian Church in Diyarbakır, were supported with the Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant to visit Yerevan for meeting various historic and cultural organisations and practice their Armenian language skills.

Zelal Erdemci

“The continuation of these visits and projects will be a great contribution to normalization process. These kind of travels shall be continuous.”

Seda Seven

“After our travel to Armenia, I decided to study Armenian language and literature in Armenia.”

Semiha Demir

“I am sharing all the best sides of my visit with everyone.”

Nurcan Turkay

“To continue our ties with the neighboring country, I will do my best to continue these visits to the neighboring country.”