Anahit Davidyants, Gohar Hakobyan and Lusine Nazaryan from Yerevan, working for Veradardz Foundation, Aravot Magazine and Public Radio of Armenia, were supported with the travel grant to visit Istanbul, for covering the medal awarding ceremony for Sevan Nişanyan initiated by the Veradardz Foundation.

Gohar Hakobyan
“With every visits between Turkey and Armenia, new stereotypes are broken, and in general, through the efforts of civil society and culture diplomacy many sharp angles can be “softened” and favourable ground prepared for resolution of any problem.”

Lusine Nazaryan
“One should not forget the past, but it is also necessary to face the realities of the past and the present. After all, I think the most important thing is the peaceful coexistence of the two people, especially knowing that many of our compatriots live in Turkey and during our visits we regularly meet them.“