Adrineh Gregorian from Yerevan, was supported with the Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant to visit Istanbul, for meeting with organisations and artists to develop projects, deliver workshops and expand her network in the field of cinematography.

“My plan was to meet organizations and artists to develop some of my projects and expand my network in Istanbul. In Istanbul, I screened my film ‘Bavakan’ (Enough) two times and had a film workshop for ‘Back to Gürün’ with Turkish university students and filmmakers.”

“I believe the normalization process will only work if we establish connections and have the willingness for collaborations and ongoing collaborations. This trip for me was invaluable. I now know that I have many friends and collaborators in Istanbul. The projects we completed together were memorable for all of us and we look forward to continue doing similar work.”

“I am planning on continuing my collaboration with Turkish filmmakers on the movie ‘Back to Gürün’ – Also, I am working on a group art exhibit at the SALT gallery for April 2015. It was a great pleasure for me to meet with the young Armenian and Turkish members of the Armenian Culture and Solidarity Association. Many are the first generation in their families to learn the Armenian language and become active in Istanbul. I would like to stay in contact with them and help them in any possible way.”

“I’m not sure if words can capture how I feel after the most incredible week I’ve had in Istanbul. I’m so proud of what my friends from Turkey and I have accomplished together. The Hrant Dink Foundation Turket-Armenia Travel Grant made it possible to strengthen bridges between people regardless of political and mental closed borders. It all begins with collaborating with each other. The success of our three projects proves it and the added bonus is that we were able to share it with many others. Thank you for making a big dream come true for me. Being able to screen my film at SALT Galata gallery was a mind blowing experience.”