Turkish director Haci Orman ’s film boycotted in Istanbul, but to be screened at Golden Apricot Film Festival in Yerevan

Published on 14/07/2015 under Travel Grant


‘Homo Politicus’, a short film by Turkish director Haci Orman, will be screened out of competition at Golden Apricot 12th International Film Festival being held in Yerevan.

The film depicts the events during the Armenian Genocide committed in the Ottoman Empire in 1915. It tells the story of German Protestant missionary Johannes Lepsius who attempted to draw the attention of the international community to Armenian massacres in Western Armenia. J. Lepsius wrote the book “Bericht über die Lage des armenischen Volkes in der Türkei”, in which he condemned the Armenian Genocide.

Speaking at a press conference in Yerevan, Haci Orman said he is glad to participate in the Golden Apricot Festival. The director said it is his first film and he was motivated by a desire to tell other people about the events that took place a hundred years ago. “I am going to address political problems again in my new works. I have long been engaged in opposition political activity and I am not afraid of pressure,’ he noted.

According to H. Orman, the film was expected to be demonstrated at Istanbul Festival but Turkish film directors boycotted it so ‘Homo Politicus’ will be screened for the first time at Golden Apricot Film Festival.