Round Table Invitation-Turkey-Armenia Anti-Trafficking Information Cooperation

Published on 18/08/2015 under Haberler

“Association of Audio-Visual Reporters” NGO from Armenia is organizing a Round Table in Istanbul, Turkey, to start a dialogue about anti-trafficking issues between Armenian and Turkish anti-trafficking NGO-s, professionals, media representatives, seeking collaboration in the joint fight against trafficking within the region.

The cooperation between Turkey and Armenia in solving regional issues is fundamental for the development of relations in different spheres. Even though the absence of diplomatic relations between Turkey and Armenia seems a hindrance for the cooperation along this type of delicate issue, nevertheless the information cooperation, exchange and creation of a network between Turkish and Armenian anti-trafficking NGOs, journalists and other professionals around one topic is possible, beneficial for both sides and will facilitate the understanding of the trafficking crime routes and causes.

The “Association of Audio-Visual Reporters” NGO would like to liaise with Turkish organizations, journalists, media organizations dealing with trafficking issues and other interested parties. The aim of the round-table is the creation of a Turkey-Armenia anti-trafficking network through the following activities.

  • Exchange of information about Turkish and Armenian anti-trafficking organizations, anti-trafficking media organizations and professionals, their scope of activities
  • Exchange of information about anti-trafficking campaigns held in Armenia and in Turkey Discussion of the routes and causes of Turkey-Armenia trafficking cases
  • Discussions about the cooperation methods, creation of network, including all concerned parties of Turkey and Armenia
  • Introduction and distribution of anti-trafficking Public Service Announcements prepared by “Association of Audio-Visual Reporters” NGO
  • Creating and exchanging with contacts

Hereby, we are inviting you to participate in the Round-Table to be held on the 8th of September, 2015, 11:00 o’clock at Anarad Hıgutyun Building (Papa Roncalli Sk. No: 128 Harbiye 34373 Şişli İstanbul).
The language of the round table is English and Turkish translation will be provided too, upon necessity.

If you wish to participate, please kindly send confirmation of participation to the following address:

With hopes for future cooperation!

The round table is being implemented in the framework of Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant, with the support by the Hran​t​ Dink Foundation, Gyumri Youth Initiative Center NGO and financial support from British Embassy Ankara and British Embassy Yerevan. The travel grant is established with a view to increase contacts and to promote cooperation between the people of the two neighboring countries within the framework of the “Support to the Armenia-Turkey Normalization Process” financed by the European Union.

“Association of Audio Visual Reporters” NGO is a social structure involved in targeting global and local community issues by professional dissemination and coverage of those. We are the only organization in Armenia officially entitled in dissemination of anti-trafficking issues in Armenia. Currently we are implementing a project financed by INL Bureau of U.S. Embassy in Yerevan aimed at facilitation of continued development of a national framework to tackle the problem of human trafficking by implementing activities addressed to raising public awareness with the help of establishment of educational and working platform for the Media representative’s nationwide as well as independent professionals and students majoring in journalism, advertising and PR. The Project supports and facilitates awareness raising initiatives on trafficking-related issues to cover both vulnerable groups and general population by the help of Mass Media and creative social advertising and PR campaigns. (Please find detailed information about our organization and projects in