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Turkey-Armenia Travel Grant
Seventeenth Round Results

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Onur Yazıcıgil: “The stories you read is never as the same to experience it first hand.”

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Melodi Var Öngel: “After this experience, I learned that you can always invite people to see the beauties and goodness in something that they are not familiar with or they don’t feel close to. Huge step to reach peace is to trust and respect the cultures we have prejudices against or we nurse a grudge against. Once we can understand what ‘Beyond borders’ means for these two cultures, we can actually understand how we are so close to each other.”

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Umut Vedat: “This was not my first visit to Armenia, yet every short visit to Armenia makes me peaceful.”

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İhsan Ay: “These type of journeys, brings together the contributions on areas such as tourism, economy and culture. So that it is a way to increase acquaintances and to strengthen the cooperation.”

Osman Akyıl: “Either culturally and historically Armenia is a country which should be visited. Armenia is a place where it has close ties with Turks, Kurds and other Anatolian people. We should get to know eachother more and we should increase the diologue.”

Gevorg Petrosyan

Mr. Gevorg Petrosyan from Yerevan, President of EUPHRATES research center, was supported with the travel grant to visit Istanbul, for making interviews with elder Armenians in Istanbul and visiting institutions for his PHD thesis on the 1945-1965 Cold War period.

Stephan Epremyan

Stepan Epremyan from Diyarbakır, will be supported with the travel grant to visit Yerevan, to conduct research about Armenian traditional liturgics and folk music.

İhsan Ay and Osman Akyıl

Osman Akyıl and İhsan Ay from Diyarbakır, members of the Mesopotamia Foundation, will be supported with the travel grant to visit Yerevan, for exploring possibilities for further cooperation and information/document exchange with Radio Yerevan.